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Déclaration de Santé Canada sur les changements apportés au processus de délivrance de licences liées au cannabis

8 mai 2019

À partir de maintenant, Santé Canada exigera que les nouveaux demandeurs de licences de culture, de transformation ou de vente de cannabis à des fins médicales aient un site pleinement construit qui respecte les exigences du Règlement sur le cannabis au moment où ils présentent leur demande, et qu’ils remplissent d’autres exigences liées aux demandes.

Electronic implants studies for treatment of drug addiction

The treatment — deep brain stimulation — has long been used for movement disorders like Parkinson’s. Now, the first clinical trial of DBS for methamphetamine addiction is being conducted at Shanghai’s Ruijin Hospital, along with parallel trials for opioid addiction. And this troubled man is the very first patient.

Family doctors caught in middle in deadly opioid crisis, London study finds

7 mai 2019

Family doctors are exhausted and overwhelmed by the opioid drug crisis, dealing with patients with chronic pain while being hyper-vigilant about how they prescribe the powerful painkillers, London researchers say…

Rates of people seeking meth treatment in Sask. increase 10 times over past 5 years

As discussed in the government’s human services committee meeting on April 29, officials indicate rates of addictions patients reporting crystal meth use in 2012-13 was about three per cent. That figure increased annually – reaching 30.58 per cent in 2017-18…

Vaccine against fentanyl shows promising results in rats: U.S. study

6 mai 2019

Research published in the American journal Neuropsychopharmacology last week found that a fentanyl antigen (an antigen triggers the production of antibodies) combined with a type of tetanus vaccine decreased drug-taking behaviour in rats and increased food choices, according to a news release…